What Will You Feel When You Quit Smoking?

We know that our program is the most effective way of giving up smoking. We receive many referrals from former clients who are very Happy to be Smoke Free and recommend us to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

Happy to be smoke freeMost stopped immediately without even experiencing cravings and even for the very  few who were ‘challenged’ there was no turning back – they just don’t want to smoke anymore.

This program is unique, if you haven’t experienced it you haven’t ‘tried everything’  yet.  Here is a selection of comments from our bulging ‘thank you’ file.

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Bee Milbourn Stop Smoking Specialist

Dear Dr Bee …

For this Mom Quitting was More Like a Complete Physical, Emotional and Financial Makeover.

“It’s been a complete success … The changes to my life have been endless too!  I was asthmatic when I was smoking but haven’t needed my inhaler since.  My breathing has improved tremendously and I can now play football with my boys which is fantastic as this was one of my goals.  My boys are so much happier now Mommy doesn’t smoke anymore and I have so much more time for them now as I’m not spending half my time outside puffing away and smelling like an ashtray.  For the first time in my life I’ve been in credit with my bank account …  so my bank manager is thrilled too!  … I have looked back at photos and didn’t actually realise how awful I looked when I was smoking.  These changes have changed my life for the better and forever and it’s all thanks to you so I want to thank you so much for your expertise … you’re a star.”

Kay Dolby

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Ken’s Wife Thought He Became a Different person and 16 months Later He’s ‘Still Going Strong’.

“Just to let you know it’s been a month since my last cigarette … I can’t believe it has not been as difficult as I thought it was going to be… My wife … now thinks I’m a different person; she says I’m much more pleasant to live with.  I’m calmer, happier and more relaxed and that’s without a cigarette!”


“Still going strong after 16 months, not one relapse.  Thanks again.”

Ken Morgan

Asthma Medication Halved in Just Three Weeks

“Just to update you it’s going into six weeks now since my last cigarette and I have halved my asthma medication.  I feel really good.”

Win Tadd

When You stop in the Right Way You Stay Stopped

“One year ago [I quit smoking] … in all this time not once did I feel like somebody who was giving up… Thank you.”

Antony Thompson

This is so Touching:  ’Thank You for Giving Me my Life Back” – from a 36 Year Old Mom

“Well it’s coming up 1 year … and I am still smoke free.  I am so proud to still be able to say I am still a no smoker!! I had a small heart attack … which was a bit of an eye opener.  I jokingly said at the time I was going to take up smoking again and was told that had I not stopped 10 months ago it could have been much worse, apart from the fact I genuinely don’t want a cigarette, I hate the smell.  I go into the staff smoke room now and again just to remind myself how badly I would be likely to smell, it’s awful!!!  I cannot thank you enough for giving me the empowerment to be able to say I don’t want to smoke.  You are amazing.  Thank you.”


“18 months down the line and I am still a non smoker, I am so proud of myself it is unreal.  I have recommended you to so many people just because you worked for me.  Once again thank you so much for giving me a new lease of life, because that is what I feel I have been given … a second chance.”


“coming up 2yrs now and still a very proud non smoker, even though there are still three smokers in my house.”



“I am still a no smoker, 3 years today.  I can still hardly believe it, that I have not even been tempted to smoke since …  I have actually lit up for others, so I have actually had the cigarette in my mouth, smoke and all and still not been tempted to inhale.  How cool is that, and I can’t stand the **!*+! taste … it disgusts me.


“I can never thank you enough for giving me my life back.”

Rosemary Nutman


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Some Quitters Fear They Will Return to Smoking When Times Become Stressful Again – It Doesn’t Have to be That Way.  When You Target the Real Reasons for Smoking You Stay Stopped.

“Six months have passed… I am pleased to say that I am still a non smoker.  I have had some trials and traumas that have tested my determination I must say.  My Mum passed away 3 months ago.  I stayed firm and did not reach for the cigarettes and am very pleased with myself.  All my family and friends are astonished that even through the death and funeral of Mum I stayed away from the dreaded weed and now I just keep going and remember that Mum was proud of me for stopping smoking.  If I can stay off it through all that, I can stay off forever.  Thank you.

Marylin Morgan

Staying Stopped – Forever

“I’m still not smoking – almost 8 months – so pleased with myself and have been in some precarious situations but have not succumbed!!!  Feel like I won’t smoke again…”

K Davies

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are or How Long You’ve Smoked, this Powerful Technique Makes Quitting Easy

“I have realised so many ambitions since … being a non-smoker for my 60th birthday … and my daughter’s birthday.  My grandson, Joshua, tells me how pleased he is with me and now nags his Daddy to stop smoking.


“I have to say that I did not find it difficult … I am no longer a slave to cigarettes, their dominance over me has gone away… my smell and taste are so much improved.  My voice is no longer husky and I can laugh without coughing !!


“This is something I could NEVER have achieved without your help.  I am indebted to you.  I now consider myself a NON-SMOKER … Thank you so much !!”

Tricia Evans

She Never Thought About It Again

“Just to let you know that it was a month ago yesterday that I stopped smoking and I can honestly say that I have not even thought about smoking since …  Many, many thanks.”


Feeling Free

“Just thought I would update you on my progress.  It’s six weeks now and I’m free, feeling fine in fact over the moon after all this time and I still can’t believe it.”

S Morrell

Feeling Good

“Many thanks!  For changing my life around!  I haven’t reached for a cigarette!!  I’m feeling really good!”


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By Far the Easiest Way

“I found the first two days difficult but have been much better since.  I have had the occasional thought of having a cigarette but it’s just a thought that quickly goes away.  I’m very pleased with myself and (can) confidently say I will never smoke again.


“This has been by far the easiest way to give up smoking and I have tried most ways.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me to get back in control.”

Name withheld


Many Clients Try ‘Just One Puff’ Only to Find That They Really Don’t Like Smoking Any More

“I did have a puff of one … after I had a drink, but I was really giddy.  I have not had one since.  I still have an urge to smoke but I know I won’t.  Thank you for all your help.

Pat Mitchell

No Craving, No Inclination – Even With Her Friends and Smoker Husband

“The first two weeks have been absolutely amazing.  I have not even had a craving or any inclination to have a cigarette.  I have been out socially with friends and family (many of whom smoke) and continue to live happily with my smoking husband!!  It has really not been a problem seeing others around me smoke.  In fact everyone is amazed … I am thrilled with the result of the hypnotherapy.”

A S (name and address supplied)

Short, Sweet and Successful

“I have now been a non-smoker for 11 weeks.  Many thanks.”

Len Burland

Better Health, Better Finances, Better Self Esteem – Win – Win – Win

”Reduced hypertension.  Improved breathing during exercise.  Financial savings.  My children are proud of me”

N.H (name and address supplied)

Not a Social Outcast Any More

“It’s great to go on a trip and stop for a cuppa and not have to go out to the smoking zone.  Now I can be like everyone else.  I wish I had done it a long time ago.  I feel so much better in myself.”

Robert Bowden


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“I  honestly cannot believe that I have actually given up!”

Wendy Greenwood


Chris Thanks Me But It Really Was His Success – Well Done Chris

“Thank you so very much for stopping me smoking”

Chris Jones

Claire Celebrates the Benefits of Being a ‘Non-smoker for ife’

I’d like to thank you for helping me overcome that awful addiction… I’ve battled with smoking for years and … always found the quitting process to be just awful and ultimately unsustainable.


“Well, it’s now three months on and I still have no desire to smoke whatsoever.  In fact the only time I ever think about smoking is when people ask me how I’m finding it without cigarettes.”


“I can honestly say my life is so much better without cigarettes.  I’m not plagued by worries of damaging my health; in fact I’m running daily and thoroughly enjoying feeling fit and healthy and bursting with energy.  I can enjoy going to the pub or any social gathering without smoking and when people smoke around me it doesn’t leave me with a desire to mug them for their cigarette.  I really treasure all the time I now have that would have been spent trying not to smoke, smoking and then feeling bad about it.  It seems absolutely crazy to me now that I ever smoked and I know that I’ll remain a non smoker forever.  Thanks again.”

Claire Briggs

Catherine Had ‘tried everything’ But Now She is ‘Back in Control’

I have had the occasional thought of a cigarette but that quickly goes away.  I’m very pleased with myself and confidently say I will never smoke again.  This has been by far the easiest way to give up smoking and I have tried most ways.


“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me to get back in control.”

Catherine Price

Such a Success

“The non smoking has been such a success …”

Carrie Newing

Ultimate Solution – Never Smoke Again

Not ONE cigarette has passed my lips thanks to you.”

Chris Newman

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